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  1. Dear Dr. Basuk,

    Thank you so very much for your great care. I’m so glad My son in law recommended you. I have to admit I was a little nervous about my mole but you and your staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you again.

    R N

  2. Dear Dr. Basuk & Staff,

    I wish to write to express my gratitude for all of your kindness regarding my last visit and the mixup with my insurance. Oftentimes, care and compassion is lost within the myriad of red tape, regulations, and confusion of health care. This is not the case with you. Thank you for always showing me and my family care and compassion over the last 20+ years. Thank you for taking the time to see me as a person during my visit. Yours is a model that can be used universally not just in the medical field but everywhere. Thank you for your continued care, support and compassion.

    With gratitude,
    G.R. (from The Bronx)

  3. I would like to praise your employee/receptionist, Mary Ellen, for her professionalism and help with my son’s appointment today. Upon check-in, it was discovered that my appointment was cancelled somehow. She quickly corrected the situation and fit us back into our appointment so we would not have to return another day. We really appreciated all of her help. She is a valuable employee. Thank you.

  4. Dear Dr. Basuk

    “You’re appreciated more than you’ll ever know.”

    I didn’t ReaLize how lucky I was thanks to you. to Be Alive & spend it with my wife & Grandkids. I will Forever Be thankful for you to have made a difference & the Quality of Life I have now.



  5. “Grateful can’t begin to describe what I feel.”

    Dear Dr. Basuk,

    I want to “thank you ” for being so caring & concerned for me & my condition.

    I’m very grateful for all you did for me. You truly are a very special doctor…


  6. My family and I have been a patients of Dr. Basuk for over 15 years, and we absolutely love her. We would be lost if she ever decides to retire. She’s a five- star doctor but I would give her ten if I could!

  7. Dear Dr. Basuk,

    I want to ‘thank you’ for being so caring & concerned for me & my condition.

    I’m very grateful for all you did for me. You truly are a very special doctor.

    I hope you enjoy the fruit [gift].


  8. Dr. Basuk and Staff,

    Thank you for the invitation to Patient Appreciation Night. It was lovely and informative. I chose some cosmetic services and BIO-CREAM. A fine event.

    Barbara S…….

  9. Dear Dr. Basuk,

    I am writing this to compliment Dr. Corwin on his great care of my problems down through the years. He is a quiet man, intense in his work, I am happy to say. It is with my best regards to you and your office.

    Thank you,
    R. P., Sr.

  10. Dr. Basuk is a dynamic physician who provides intelligent, no nonsense care. What a difference from the mechanical ten-minute visits that we are used to.

    Flo & Henry

  11. Dr. Basuk and her entire office are wonderful! I have been going to her office for 20 years and now my own kids see her. I always know that whatever my concern is I will be treated in the most caring and professional way. Thanks to Dr. Basuk and her entire staff for making uncomfortable situations manageable! Jessica G., Brightwaters

  12. The word “surgery” regardless of its scope tends to “perk up” one’s attention. The nurse in Dr. Basuk’s office, has an uncommon, if not charismatic, way about her that has put me at ease time & again. She contributes marvelously to the striking tone that permeates Dr. Basuk’s practice. My wife, Margaret, & I feel so welcomed that the “melanoma” anxieties dissipate – She & Dr. Basuk are “two in a million!” And Patricia, much more than a secretary, demonstrates the same magic – calm, warm, welcoming! The entire staff demonstrates what I consider the emotions contributes to the healing!!

  13. I was apprehensive about having Laser treatment on my face to treat Rosacia.

    Dr. Basuk’s excellent treatment and care provided me with a painless and permanent

    cure for what had been a bothersome and sometimes embarrassing condition.

    My sincere thanks to Dr. Basuk.

  14. Dr. Basuk is so professional and caring. You know when you meet her, she is going to address all your concerns. I’ve see several Dermatologists over the past 30 years, and by far, I find her to be the best. I do not experience a lot of pain during or after procedures, and I have at least 100 skin cancers on my body, including 3 major surgeries which also required plastic surgery. I have recommended her to 2 of my friends and they are pleased with her and her staff.

  15. I live locally, Islip Terrace, and did much research before I contacted Dr. Basuk’s office for an appointment. I had heard she was simply “The Best in the Industry”. I am so happy that I made that decision. She is thorough and knowledgeable and explains everything in detail.

    Thank you Dr. Basuk

  16. Due to the doctor’s schedule an immediate appointment was not available. But while at work the next day, Patricia called. She had a cancellation and I was able to come in the very next morning. I thanked her in person for her kindness as it was very much appreciated.

  17. Regarding Radiesse filler

    The procedure was painless and immediate results were seen immediately. My skin seems more alive and is so very natural looking.

    It was a very nice pampering for myself. I recommend the Radiesse filler to all. It certainly gives a lift – “literally.”

    1. Dr. Basuk diagnosed and treated my melanoma in September. The entire process was done in 3 weeks from diagnosis to removal in a caring and professional way. Dr. Basuk and her entire staff are outstanding.

  18. I have been going to Dr. Basuk for my acne for 2 years. I have recently started Accutane and have been on it for 2 months. The results have been amazing and the acne is now under control and almost gone! I feel like a new person. Dr. Basuk and her staff are wonderful and have been very helpful through the process.

  19. Had a visit this past Friday,
    Told doc that i loved the Artwork and she gave me a tour! The photography is really great,

  20. William / Moriches NY

    Dear Dr. Basuk I just want to thank you for your caring, hard work, decency and excellent treatment that you have provided to myself and my wife. Your are the best Dermatologist in NYS and I am relieved every time I visit your office…not only am I given a complete exam, but you enter the examining room with a complete understanding of my health condition right to my visit and then take your time to let me know the results of my current situation.
    Please continue to be the outstanding professional that you are!!

  21. I was at Dr Basuk’s office today for my annual check up. As always she was thorough, professional and friendly. She found two precancerous growths on my hands that I never even noticed. It’s wonderful to have an excellent dermatologist so close to my home.

  22. From the doctor in charge to the women at the front – all are a 10 on my scale of kindness. All are professional as people can be. All invoke enthusiasm, care, concern and show a well being towards others. All the smiles are a 10 also, they’ve made today, 4/2/12, a brighter day.

  23. Dear Dr Basuk,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was a little apprehensive before having the procedure. I knew that I wanted to do something about the effect that gravity had on my face, and I also knew that you were the ONLY person that I would trust to help.
    Your expertise and considerate manner can’t be emphasized enough. You gave me back some of the confidence I had l lost. The results are truly natural.
    Thank you again.


  24. I was very pleased with the help that I got from the nurse … She was very sympathetic to my situation. Dr. Basuk was very helpful and knowledgeable about my condition. I want to thank you for having such a polite and respectful employee. I was extremely fortunate to get an appointment so fast. I appreciate the time and concern from your office.

  25. Dr. Basuk… I wish to thank you for your very excellent care. I have been under your care for at least 12 years. Your outstanding skill and knowledge as a Dermatologist has done wonders for my skin. The Quality Care is held in high regard. Sincerely, Barbara S.

  26. i just wanted to say that this is only my second time at the office being treated for acne like blackheads and the second time i came in i met a beautiful asst who was so kind and caring to me we clicked right away she took me to a room and before i was ready to leave she knew i was upset she took me into another room and she put a cream with cover up on my face to tone down the redness i had and made me feel so much better about myself she was just so caring so honest and i think dr basuk is so lucky to have her on her staff i was searching for a wonderful place to come to for my skin i am a picker and i always had a problem with my pores filling up with yuckkkkkkkkkkk but the cream im on im hoping if i stick it out will help me and make it go away thank you for caring so much i just wanted you to know that

  27. Dr. Basuk has improved not only my confidence but my quality of Life! I have been a patient of hers for 7 years and coming to her was the best thing I did to treat severe keloids and acne scars on my chest and back… Total transformation! Simply the best!

  28. This is to thank Dr. Basuk for the way she has treated me as her patient. She is genuinely concerned about problems that occur and has even called me at home after treatment.

  29. Dr. Basuk and her staff do their utmost to accommodate their patients. [Her medical assistant] went to great lengths to get me an appointment when she learned I was temporarily living out of state and was only here for a couple of days. I have been seeing Dr. Basuk since 1999 and I wouldn’t think of seeing anyone else, even though I am out of state at the current time.

  30. I travel to see Dr. Basuk from Cape Cod, MA. (300 Miles)

    I started seeing her 15 years ago. First visit was for my daughter. We were very happy with her results so my husband and I still come once a year for a check up.

  31. Dr. Basuk,
    I read your section on Dysplastic Nevus and found it much more informative than the office handout.
    If your patients are computer literate the website has better info but if they do not have access to the internet the office handout does tell an important the story.
    The section on sunscreens should be required reading for all.
    Thank You

    Michael Dantona

  32. I have been a patient of Dr. Basuk’s since 1999. She has treated me for many different skin problems. She diagnosed me twice with skin cancer and saved me from future heartaches. Recently in her office she awed me again when she simply looked at me and knew I had poison ivy. She is an open, friendly, warm and welcoming doctor. You can discuss anything with her. She makes you feel comfortable. You should make an appointment today.

  33. I have been coming to see Dr. Basuk for the last six years. I am an African American Woman who has developed adult acne. Dr. Basuk is the nicest person you will ever meet, she is very attentive and thorough. I enjoy seeing her on every appointment I have; she is very pleasent and kind. My skin has gotten better since I have been coming to her office. I would recommend her to anyone who has adult acne.

  34. I had filler put in 2 weeks ago – just went back for follow-up check and can’t believe how much better I look when I saw the “before” pictures. Very natural and younger looking. I’m so happy with the results.

  35. Dr. Basuk gives me a very thorough examination all the time. If something doesn’t look right, Dr. Basuk looks further into it. She discovered a melanoma on my back. It was not something that stood out to me but to her expert eye it was. I’ve been a patient of hers for many years and will be for many years to come. I have recommended many people to her and continue to do so and I now preach things she has preached to me about skin cancer to others.

  36. A wonderful result from a recent Radiesse procedure . Dr. Basuk has also treated areas of skin cancer, and sun damage, with great results. I am very comfortable with my care, and trust that I am receiving optimal care from a competent, forward thinking specialist.

  37. Went to Dr. Basuk for something totally unrelated. She found a mole that she did not like the look of and did an immediate biopsy. Turned out to be melanoma. Two weeks later had surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Dr. Basuk is a life saver and I would recommend her to anyone. She is extremely thorough.

  38. Dr. Basuk is truly a pleasure to visit. She has such endearing qualities, I am able to always leave her office in a good mood. I admire her kindness and always look forward to the conversations we share.

  39. Dr. Basuk is wonderful, caring & professional, who not only found my atypical moles, but treated them successfully. I am so grateful for her medical knowledge. I feel confident when going for my semi-annual visits that all will be taken care of, regardless of the diagnosis. I have referred her to many of my friends as well as family members because of who & what she does to make a patient feel secure in their visit with her.

  40. Approximately 14 years ago my oldest son was placed on Accutane by Dr. Basuk. He had suffered terribly with painful acne. It cleared his skin so quickly and completely with very minimal side effects. I was just informed that my youngest may start with Accutane in the fall and I have all the confidence it will finally clear her up! Thank you Dr. Basuk…!

  41. I had the V-Beam procedure and I was very pleased. Everyone who saw me kept telling me how good I looked. The comments were – “you look so rested” or “you are glowing”. It was easy to do and the results were worth it! I would do it again.

  42. Dr. Basuk is awesome – I had a pregnancy related rash that blistered, and her follow up was impeccable – she rushed the lab results, and followed up with all my providers to ensure I was getting the best treatment. She also called me at home several times to check in and make sure I was as comfortable as possible. I have never had a more caring, diligent, thorough doctor. I would have been miserable for several weeks without the quick diagnosis and move to action to help alleviate symptoms of the rash. I’m looking to send a picture of the baby too – if someone can email me an address I can forward it to! 🙂

  43. having been a patient of Dr. Basuk for many years,I have always been grateful for her expertise. this site has proven to be a valuable source of information for my family,in fact it is now been added to my favorites on aol. thanks to Dr.Basuk and her great staff

  44. I am a 68 year old woman looked into having Radiesse treatment because I felt I needed some fullness added to my cheeks and facial jowls were becoming more pronounced. Dr. Basuk advised reasonable expectations (a woman of my age is not going to look 20 again). I fully agreed. I’m very happy with the results. My sister and my daughter commented that I had a younger, fresher look. This meant a lot to me, because neither of them knew I had a Radiesse treatment.

  45. My experience in this office has been wonderful. And the doctors and staff are very attentive. Caring, wonderful. I feel that I get good care in this office. The special attention I get makes me special, not like a number. I would highly recommend this office to everyone.

    Dr. Hassan was great and fabulous and I was so relaxed with him. Usually I am a bundle of nerves. Look at my scar – beautiful! I show everybody and my girlfriend tell me to stop bragging. She should have seen what it looked like originally and look at it now.

  46. As a woman, I feel very comfortable with Dr. Corwin. My daughter, who is 14 years old, was also very comfortable with him. He is very efficient and excellent with diagnosis and treatment and we both cleared. He is very personable and knows how you can make your problem better and he will tell you. You can talk to him. He will spend time with you to figure out your problem and help you.

  47. For the past 11 years, I have been a patient of Dr. Basuk. I have not met a more dedicated, competent professional. She truly cares about her patients. Dr. Basuk is an expert in her field and we are are very lucky to have her practicing here on Long Island. She takes pride in knowing her patients, who, for the most part, stay with her for years and years. I usually see Dr. Basuk at least 3-5 times a year to address different medical concerns including having Mohs procedure done twice. She will spend as much time as needed for you to be comfortable and understand any condition or any procedure that may be necessary.
    Dr. Basuk and her entire staff are outstanding professionals and this is evident the moment you are greeted at the front desk. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Basuk to my friends and colleagues. There is no one better!

  48. Coming to this office is a very pleasant experience, starting at the front desk. Patricia is very knowledgeable and very willing to help with any questions you may have. The nurses make you feel comfortable and are very caring and pleasant. Finally, Dr. Basuk is very warm and you trust her instantly. Kudos to a great staff!!

  49. Thanks to Dr. Basuk, my wrinkles are gone. I always wanted Botox but was nervous until a few people told me how great Dr. B was. She put me at ease and it didn’t hurt at all. Thanks to Dr. B all my friends say I look great but can’t figure what’s different about me – and that’s what I was hoping for. Thank You Dr B!

  50. Dr. Basuk has always treated me in a professional, but personal way. Her willingness to take the time to explain whatever treatment she is administering is of the utmost importance in her care and attention. I have always felt that confidence and trust in one’s doctors, are necessary and vital parts in successful doctor-patient relationships, and Dr. Basuk always makes me feel completely relaxed and at ease with every visit and course of action taken. I am so glad I found her!

  51. Staff: The staff at Dr. Basuk’s office is always extremely professional and accommodating when seeking an appointment or having to reschedule one.

    Cosmetic: I have had a series of procedures done by Dr. Basuk, and these have always been done with much care and concern for my welfare and satisfaction. For these reasons, I would recommend Dr. Basuk to anyone seeking a dermatological treatment.


  52. Dr. Basuk had a profound affect on my son, Michael’s, life. Michael had a severe acne problem. We had been to another dermatologist who in addition to not helping Michael, charged him for the samples that he gave to Michael as medicine. Michael was in a state of depression and then came Dr. Basuk to the rescue. Dr. Basuk not only helped Michael in treating him with Accutane but helped us to apply for financial help in order to procure the medicine. The results of Dr. Basuk’s care became quite evident. The acne disappeared and Michael blossomed. Michael, a college student and a long distance runner met with success after success because Dr. Basuk helped him regain his confidence. Today Michael is married, owns his own home and teaches as well as coaches. We will always be grateful to Dr. Basuk!

  53. I had 10 sun spots (age spots) on my face that I wanted removed. Dr. Basuk did the laser in 10 minutes. A week later all the spots were gone. I use sunblock on my face every day, and a year later spots did not return. I highly recommend this procedure.

  54. Accutane was a miracle for my son who had cystic acne. It cleared within 6 months without recurrence. My daughter’s acne cleared up within a year with prescription medication.

  55. I have been a patient of Dr. Basuk’s for over 20 years. I am very happy with the laser hair removal treatments that I have received from Dr. Basuk.

  56. I had the Mohs procedure from Dr. Coven and the result has been excellent. The cancer is gone and the scar is hardly noticeable. I am very grateful for his skillful work.

  57. Thank you Dr. Basuk. I wait less time at your office than any other doctor. And you have early and late hours that other doctors don’t have. And thanks for the great care!

  58. I have been coming to Dr. Basuk for the last 3 years for Botox injections and Juvederm filler. Her attention to me as a patient has been nothing but wonderful. And the results! Fantastic. People who haven’t seen me in a while say “You look fantastic – So happy & rested”. They tell my husband he must be doing something right! The staff is warm & welcoming as well. For women & men alike who may be on the fence about having these procedures done – Go for it. You will love the results!

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