Laser for Spider Veins

Spider veins (telangiectasia) are small purple/red blood vessels that are superficial enough to be visible. They occur when capillaries (the tiniest blood vessels, responsible for delivering oxygen directly to the tissue) dilate.

Spider veins can occur on the face, and are commonly seen on legs, much more often on women than men. They may appear due to hereditary causes or some environmental ones. For example, people who work in prolonged sitting or standing positions may develop spider veins.

The condition is treated by destroying the blood vessels. This can be done on the face or legs with laser surgery using a pulse dye laser like our VBeam. For laser surgery, the laser light is specially designed to be absorbed by the blood vessels. Spider veins on the legs may alternatively be treated by sclerotherapy. Some bruising may occur subsequent to treatment, most noticably if the legs are treated.

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