When in our office for a visit, we’ll be asking you to swipe your credit card and agree to use AutoPay to pay the amount your insurance company says you are responsible for, only after processing your claim.

With AutoPay, we never see your card information. We don’t even touch or see your card! Your card information is encrypted, securely transmitted, and stored in a bank, using the same industry standard encryption and security your own bank uses for your credit card. If someone did manage to hack into our system (we’re a small practice.. why would they even try?) they couldn’t charge your card at all.

We can only use it for its one intended purpose:

After processing your visit claim, when your insurance company tells us how much you should pay (“patient responsibility” on the Explanation of Benefits), we send you a notice of that amount and when it will be charged, then wait 7 days, and then charge your account as per your insurance company’s determination.

The system waits the 7 days to allow you time to check for correctness, and also simply to let you know in advance. During that time, if you think something is wrong, contact your insurance company or our office at 631-666-2900 to discuss. It’s a credit card transaction. If an error ever occurs (very rare), and it’s found after your card is charged, we will work with you to arrange any correcting refund.

Thank you for using AutoPay. It allows us to more efficiently work for our patients’ health, which is what we want to do.